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Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket Boat Basin: Our 50th Anniversary Celebration continues throughout 2019.

It's been 50 years since the award-winning Nantucket Boat Basin officially opened for business in May 1968. Construction of the marina was completed in 1969. Today the full-service Nantucket Boat Basin pet-friendly docks offer a variety of amenities, including complimentary wi-fi, kid's fishing equipment, and pre-arrival concierge service. Named Sailing Today's "Best Overseas Marina," and recipient of's "Boaters' Choice Award," the Boat Basin is open year-round and hosts many seasonal events, including Figawi Race Weekend (May 24-27, 2019) and Nantucket Race Week (August 10- August 18, 2019).
Click the button below to view a timeline of the history of Nantucket Boat Basin 50 years in operation and calendar of events.

Celebration Rates, Amenities & Activities From The Marina And Cottages

Nantucket Boat Basin And Cisco Brewers Limited-Edition Of Cisco's Cranberry Pinot Grigio

The Nantucket Boat Basin has collaborated with Cisco Brewers to create a limited-edition bottle of Cisco's popular Cranberry Pinot Grigio. Aged for one year in stainless steel barrels, the wine is infused with cranberries harvested from Nantucket cranberry bogs giving it a slightly tart and refreshing taste. Wrapped in Nantucket Boat Basin 50th Anniversary labels, the bottles will be offered as a special welcome amenity for Nantucket Boat Basin guests.

Historic Marina Walking Tour | Weekly during the summer season

The Nantucket Boat Basin team will host a complimentary historic walking tour of the marina and its surrounding area. With coffee and pastries in hand, guests will visit stops such as Swain's Wharf, named after John Swain, one of the original settlers on Nantucket; and Old South Wharf, built in 1770 and the epicenter for the Nantucket whaling industry.
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